Transition to Year 7 for 2022

Welcome from your new Head of Year

Our Transition Programme ensures a secure and calm start into this next chapter of school-life, starting with getting to know your children in their primary schools and building positive relationships with them right from the beginning.

Once places have been allocated, students and parents will start to receive information about their transition to Carrington School and we will begin gathering all the relevant information about the students, visit them in their primary schools and make the necessary arrangements for their Induction Day.

Over the coming months, students will be given a variety of opportunities, such as our Summer-Challenges, for them to start to familiarise themselves with our values, expectations and their new working environment. All of these factors contribute to a smooth transition during this big step into their secondary stage education.

Please find below a timeline for our Transition Programme. Our Year 7 and wider Pastoral Team strive to provide the necessary support to your children every lesson, every day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries about this important time. 

Mrs Williams – Head of Year 7

March 2022

  • Welcome letter sent to parents & students
  • Tuesday 8 March Launch Meeting – Carrington School to host a meeting for all primary schools, to share with them the 2022 Transition Programme
  • Tuesday 15 March Meet the Team – Parents and students will have the opportunity to come and meet the team, including senior prefects.

April 2022

  • Welcome Packs and Student Booklets distributed to families

Transition Brochure for Parents, 2022

Student Challenges Booklet, 2022

 May 2022

  • Primary School Visits – The Year 7 team will start to visit students and their teachers in the primary schools

 June 2022

  • Induction Day 28 June for students, 09:00 - 15:00
  • Induction Evening 28 June for students and parents, 18:00 - 20:00

Tutor Talk Evening Slides, 2022

August 2022

  • Summer School

 September 2022

  • Start of term
  • Bonding Day