Ideas for Staying Busy Outside School

Surrey Youth Games 2022

Registration is open until 20 May 2022, for beginners aged 7-16yrs to access a range of FREE activities, across Surrey.

For more than two decades the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games has been giving young people their first taste of a way to stay active, build new skills and make new friendsall for free

Organised by Active Surrey, the programme is aimed at young people who are not club members and struggle to access opportunities, due to a lack of travel options or family circumstances. Thanks to free training provided by their local council, 7-16 year olds can choose an activity and go from complete beginner to competent player in as little as six to eight weeks. Taking part helps children make friends and unearth hidden talents as they develop their skills and have the chance to attend a free celebration event at the Surrey Sports Park in June.

How kids can get involved

Activities vary by age and availability but every borough and district in Surrey is offering free training now. To take part, parents or carers just need to register their child online, which can be done via the Active Surrey website

Depending on age, children can get involved in street basketball, inclusive dance, judo, tennis, girls’ football and GoTri (indoor row, cycle and an outside run).

Emma Das, Event Lead Officer at Active Surrey is looking forward to seeing young ‘Gamers’ build their confidence as they work towards the main celebration event on Saturday 18 June: “After a tough two years for young people, the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games programme is a great example of councils and communities pulling together to create something fun for those kids who don’t always get the chance to be involved in physical activity and try something new.”

To find out more about the Games and activities on offer, visit the Active Surrey website at