Meet the Pastoral Team

The relationships between staff and pupils are very positive and the pupils feel well cared for.

Ofsted 2019

Year 7

Mrs Williams and Mrs Dilworth head up the team who work each year to ensure the smooth transition and warm welcome of our incoming Year 7 students. This starts right from the time families are notified in Year 6 that they have been allocated a place with us, through settling into the routines and rhythms of the first year at secondary school, and handing over in the summer of Year 7 to the new Heads of Year who will take the year group forwards.

The Year 7 Hub is joyfully managed by Mrs Knight.

Mrs Williams

Head of Year

Mrs Dilworth

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs Knight

Student Hub Coordinator


Year 8

Moving on from Year 7 is an important step as students start to feel more established and confident, and they begin to explore in more depth the subjects they study. Mr Wren and Miss Adam are providing the steady guidance our current Year 8 students need to make the most of their year.

The Year 8 Hub is beautifully managed by Mrs Lawrence.

Mr Wren

Head of Year

Miss Adam

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs Lawrence

Student Hub Coordinator

Year 9

During Year 9 students will explore the possibilities for their Option Choices for their Key Stage 4 courses and make those important decisions; an exciting stage in their academic journeys throughout which they will benefit from the wealth of experience and support of their Heads of Year Mrs Davis, Mrs Oakey and Mrs Lockhart.

The Year 9 Hub is skilfully managed by Mrs Topp.

Mrs Davies

Head of Year

Mrs Oakey

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs Lockhart

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs Topp

Student Hub Coordinator

Year 10

Mrs Miller and Mrs Maddox are the Heads of Year steering these Year 10 students through their critical first year of Key Stage 4 studies. This is where they will cover the larger part of the learning for their GCSE and BTEC subjects and work towards mastering the techniques and skills needed to succeed in their exams next year. They begin to consider the possibilities for their next steps "Beyond Carrington".

The Year 10 Hub is wonderfully managed by Mrs McGrain.

Mrs Miller

Head of Year

Mrs Maddox

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs McGrain

Student Hub Coordinator

Year 11

An intense and significant year, Joint Heads of Year Miss Manzoor and Mr Smith are bringing their expertise and working closely with students and parents in this cohort, as the end of their time at secondary school approaches, preparing to meet their potential in their exams and finalising plans for their futures.

The Year 11 Hub is lovingly managed by Mrs Heard.

Mr Smith

Head of Year

Miss Manzoor

Head of Year

Mrs Heard

Student Hub Coordinator


Overseeing the work of the Pastoral Team are our two Assistant Headteachers

Miss Akhavan

Assistant Headteacher KS3

Mr Lockhart

Assistant Headteacher KS4